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Robert McGahey - Author

Robert McGahey is a long-form personal essayist, ranging from eco-spiritual pieces to vignettes to memoir. His former life was as a humanities educator, crossing disciplines as needed. At the millennium, he resigned a tenured position at Moorhead State University (MN), to dedicate himself to climate change as a facilitator and activist, training with the Buddhist philosopher/activist Joanna Macy in helping others face overwhelming possibilities like catastrophic climate change. A committed Friend (Quaker), he has led several workshops on climate change at the annual Friends General Conference Gathering and is currently presiding clerk of Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting. He has twice been arrested for civil disobedience over climate issues, once at Duke Energy headquarters over a new coal plant, and once at the White House, where he joined Bill McKibben’s call to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. Robert is a longtime member of Celo Community, the oldest non-sectarian community land trust in the US.  He is an emeritus staff and former board chair at Arthur Morgan School, a boarding junior high following the principles of Gandhi and Montessori, where he now hosts two grandsons escaping the pandemic and shuttered public schools. Robert is the author (former life), of The Orphic Moment (SUNY), and recently, “The Blade of Wheat at the End of the World,” in Dark Mountain 17
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